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Old Bones Modern PAF Humbucker Pickups

Modern PAF Humbucker Pickup

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The Old Bones Modern PAF Humbucker Pickup is a modern take on the PAF style humbucker. These have been voiced to have a higher output than standard PAF pickups, with the Neck pickup generally reading 9.0-9.5 Kohms, and the bridge reading around 10.5Kohms.


Old Bones have designed the Old Bones Modern to have great bite when needed, but also brilliant cleans. They are truly responsive to how you play, showing off when you’re picking lightly versus digging in hard for leads lines.


They come with AlNiCo IV magnets. This gives the pickups great overall definition and clarity, with slightly better sustain than A5 magnets. They also have slightly fuller mids whilst retaining a full low end and bright highs. This makes them great for all genre’s of music.

These are wax potted as standard, and come with 4 conductor wiring as standard to allow for coil splitting.


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