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Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal

The Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal is here and ready to get you to change everything you know about Octave Fuzz pedals. The HONEY BADGER Octave Fuzz is here to demolish the competition and melt some faces! *

Named after the world’s most fearless creature, the Honey Badger Octave Fuzz truly does not give a fuzz. Thick skinned and unbelievably aggressive, this golden box of doom does not care for pleasantries and goes straight for the tonal jugular.

We took the much loved concept of the Octave Fuzz and got crazy with it. We’re fans of deep down & dirty guitar/bass tones, so adding an Octave down to a gnarly fuzz circuit seemed the clear way to go. But wait there’s more! Why should we settle for one octave when we could add a second octave? So we did that too! Thanks to the interactive ‘DIVIDE’ knob, the Honey Badger allows you to blend between a combination of -2 and -1 Octaves down for the ultimate subterranean tone experience.

Smash all of that glitchy, subby madness on top of a gnarly, inspiring and interactive fuzz circuit, and you’ve got a truly unique effect that takes no prisoners. Use the Honey Badger as a searing Fuzz that will set your tone apart, or combine with the onboard Octave effect for downright ludicrous amounts of fun and creativity.

Other-worldly Fuzz destruction

Footswitchable Octave mode adds crushing depth to your fuzz tone

‘DIVIDE’ knob allows blending between -2 and -1 Octaves down

2-Band EQ (Bass & Treble)

100% Analogue signal path

True Bypass

Highest quality components and construction

Custom Powdercoated & Anodised Enclosure

Comes with 2 x Redbeard Effects Stickers and a Redbeard Effects PCB Keyring!

Like all our pedals, the HONEY BADGER Octave Fuzz was dreamt up, designed, engineered, built, tested and packaged in the UK by hand.

* The HONEY BADGER Octave Fuzz pedal will not literally melt your face or anyone else’s face.


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Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal
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