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Old Bones PAF Pickup: A Tribute to the Legendary PAF Pickups of the 50’s

The Old Bones PAF pickup is our homage to the classic PAF pickups that revolutionized the electric guitar sound in the 1950’s.

We have carefully studied and consulted with experts on various sets of PAF’s, and we have come up with a build recipe that we believe captures the best features of the PAF sound. We use AlNiCO V magnets, unbalanced coils, and lacquer potting to create a pickup that has a resistance of around 7.0Kohms for the neck and 8.0Kohms for the bridge.

This combination gives you a stunning sound that can go from sparkling cleans to roaring overdrives, and that responds well to your volume and tone adjustments. These pickups are simply amazing, and we are confident that you will love them.

These pickups are usually made with vintage braided wire, but we can also make them with 4 conductor wire if you wish. You can also choose from different covers and aging options to suit your style.


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Old Bones PAF Pickup
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