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This is the Old Bones PAF pickup, and you’ve guessed it, it’s our homage to the classic PAF pickups introduced in the 1950’s.

After careful study of numerous sets of PAF’s, and discussions with other experts Old Bones have decided upon a build recipe which they feel gives the best balance of characteristics for the PAF sound. This includes using AlNiCO V magnets, unbalanced coiles and lacquer potting them. This gives the neck an resistance of around 7.0Kohms, and the bridge around 8.0Kohms.

This combination allows brilliant glassy cleans, fantastic overdriven tones, and responsiveness to changes in volume and tone controls. Overall, they are just a fantastic pickup, which we are sure you’ll love!

These are normally made with vintage braided wire, but can be completed with 4 conductor wire if you prefer. They also have a variety of covers and aging option.


Yes, Bridge, Neck


Chrome, Raw Nickel, Black Bobbins, Cream Bobbins, Zebra Bobbins

Pole Pieces

Nickel, Gold


Yes, No


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Old Bones PAF Humbucker Pickup
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