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Old Bones Classic Single Coil pickups, these are based on various sets of vintage pickups that Old Bones have had the privelege of trying and examining. Old Bones have used this opportunity to put together a pickup set based around the early Fender pickups, with vintage correct staggered pole pieces, AlNiCO 5 magents, windings, and 42 AWG wire.

They are then lacquer potted which means that the inner windings remain free from any binding agent, this gives the pickups a more characterful tone – allowing the note to bloom and develop. These pickups have DC resistance reading of around: Neck 5.5Kohms, Middle 6.0Kohms and Bridge 6.5Kohms to balance them for their positions.

Classic Clean


Fuzzed up


These pickups handle everything from  clean tones all the way through to your favourite fuzz tones with ease. Whether you’re into blues, rock, pop, or anything else in between these are bound to hit the spot!


If you would prefer different covers/finishes just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Significant changes or personalisation may incur additional costs.


White, Black, Parchement


Bridge, Middle, Neck, Set


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Old Bones Classic Single Coil Pickups
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