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Old Bones Classic Single Coil Pickups: Vintage Fender Tone with a Modern Twist

The Old Bones Classic Single Coil pickups are inspired by the iconic Fender single-coil pickups from the golden era of electric guitars. They are made with carefully selected AlNiCO 5 magnets, staggered pole pieces, and 42 AWG wire, just like the originals.

The pickups are lacquer potted, which preserves the natural resonance of the inner windings and gives them a more expressive tone. You can hear every nuance of your playing, from the warm and smooth low end to the bright and crisp high end.

The pickups are versatile and responsive, handling any style of music with ease. Whether you play clean, overdriven, or fuzzed out, the pickups will deliver a balanced and dynamic sound that will make your guitar sing.

The pickups have a DC resistance of around: Neck 5.5Kohms, Middle 6.0Kohms and Bridge 6.5Kohms, which ensures a consistent output and tone across the positions.

You can also customize the look of your pickups by choosing different covers or finishes. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Please note that some options may incur additional costs.


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Old Bones Classic Single Coil Guitar Pickups
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