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Looking for the best in Guitar Set up and repairs in Bristol? Each guitar setup at All About Guitar is customized to suit the unique preferences and needs of individual guitarists. We carefully consider factors such as playing style, preferred tunings, and string gauges, as they significantly impact stability and intonation. Our process begins with a thorough examination of each guitar, where we assess the neck relief, nut height, and overall condition. Subsequently, we make precise adjustments to ensure optimal performance

A proper guitar set up will eliminate most or all of these common guitar problems:

  • A high action – the strings are so far from the neck they’re hard to push down
  • A low action – the strings are too close to the neck so they buzz against the frets
  • Poor intonation – the guitar is fine when tuning but when being played it sounds out of tune

If you’ve just started playing a guitar that you haven’t played for ages or if you’ve bought a second hand guitar you might find you have these problems too. I can help.

People describe me as a “modern luthier” – A luthier being someone who builds or repairs stringed instruments, as a modern luthier I love working on acoustic instruments but I’m also (mildly) famous for helping people customize their electric guitars too, swapping out pick ups, fixing cable buzzes and sometimes even building guitars from the ground up.

Example Guitar set up and repair costs:

  • Full Set Up with fret dress and reprofile – From £60
  • Full Set Up as above with floating bridge – From £80
  • Standard set up including intonation and truss rod adjustment – From £40
  • Pickup Installation from £25 (Not including Pickups)
  • Mini Set Up – Restring, clean all components, set nut and truss rod adjustment – from £40

Moreover, our expertise extends to guitar electronics. If you’re looking to enhance your guitar’s sonic capabilities, we offer customizations such as fitting coil taps, kill switches, phase switches for single coil or humbucker configurations, and even piezo systems. Alternatively, we can seamlessly install any pickup of your choice, ensuring that your guitar’s sound is as unique as your playing style.

At All About Guitar, our passion for guitars and dedication to craftsmanship shine through in every adjustment, tweak, and customization. Elevate your playing experience with our tailored services that bring out the best in your instrument.

electric guitar set up

Electric guitar set up

Electric guitars often have adjustable bridges and sometimes have a floating bridge or tremolo system (like a Floyd Rose), which can be more complicated to adjust. They usually require lighter gauge strings, which might need lower action.

I can adjust the intonation can be adjusted for each string individually. Electric guitars are also more likely to have truss rods that can adjust the neck curvature. They also sometimes have height-adjustable pickups that need to be set at an optimal distance from the strings to get the best tone without interfering with the string vibration.

Bass guitar set up

Bass guitars are similar to electric guitars in many ways regarding setup. However, the heavier gauge strings and longer scale length call for different action, truss rod adjustment, and intonation settings.

Like electric guitars, bass guitars have adjustable bridges, and intonation can be set for each string individually. The neck of a bass guitar is also thicker and more robust, so it can handle more tension. The pickups are also more substantial, and their height can greatly affect the tone.

bass guitar set up

acoustic guitar set up

Acoustic guitar set up

Regular maintenance is crucial for acoustic guitars due to their sensitivity to humidity and temperature changes.

Acoustic guitars typically have a fixed bridge, meaning I’ll often adjust the action by very carefully sanding down the saddle. Because acoustic guitars often require heavier gauge strings, I’ll work to get the action as low as possible for you while keeping it high enough to avoid buzzing. Intonation is usually a bit more basic to adjust on an acoustic guitar as opposed to an electric but if there is a pickup system it’s REALLY fiddly!

Guitar repairs in Bristol

Broken necks, machine heads (the tuning bits), crackly volume pots, buzzing electronics and dead pickups don’t mean your guitar is condemned to the bin, I can restore your instrument to its former glory.

If you’re looking to get your guitar repaired or simply to switch out your standard pickups for better pickups that match your style, let’s have a quick chat over a video call. You can show me the problems and I’ll tell you if it can be fixed.

guitar repair

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