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Guitar Lessons Bristol

Take the first step on the journey of learning to play the guitar.

If you’re in or near Bristol, UK I can help! I teach guitar to students of all ages and skill levels.

Guitar lessons near me or online?

Guitar Lessons Bristol, set ups, repairs and sales in Bristol

I provide in person guitar lessons in my Bristol based home studio just on the Hanham/St George Border, I cater for kids and adults on electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. I’m DBS cleared and the studio is covered by CCTV, so safety’s ticked off plus I’ve been a gigging guitarist for years so you can be sure of up to date, engaging and exciting lessons.

Graded guitar lessons in Bristol

Not everybody is interested in qualifications from their guitar lessons but if you are, All About Guitar is a proud partner of Rockschool, provider of internationally recognised music qualifications.

Whether you’re a beginner, pursuing higher education, or polishing advanced techniques, a David’s fantastic teaching combined with a Rockschool qualification enhances your guitar playing, technical skills, music theory, while teaching iconic music tracks.

Electric guitar lessons in Bristol

From Metheny to Metallica, we can help you unleash your inner guitar god. As proficient at jazz arpeggios as he is at melting faces, David will teach you how to play and advise on amp, pedal and guitar set up to help you perfect your unique sound.

All styles and abilities are catered for here, why not book a lesson at our fully functional friendly home studio today, or even better let us come to you!

Each lesson is tailored to you with exclusive plans therefore you will never learn something you find boring. The ultimate goal is to make sure you adore playing the electric guitar. Get started with guitar lessons Bristol.

Bass guitar lessons

Love the thumping rhythms of bass guitar? No problem! All About Guitar teaches 4 & 5 String bass techniques.

If you want to be the next Bootsy or smash out Cliff Burton’s Anesthesia solo, we got you. David is an experienced bass player with many touring bands. He even has a Diploma in Performance with Bass. If bass guitar is your thing then let’s get started with guitar lessons Bristol.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons Bristol

Want to enjoy playing the guitar but don’t want the noise of screaming leads and pounding bass?

Maybe acoustic guitar lessons are for you? All About Guitar teaches acoustic guitar for beginners as well as proficient players. Sometimes it feels like you can’t progress but don’t get the cross road blues!

David will help you understand the subtleties and nuances of your unplugged instrument and you won’t have to sell your soul to the devil.


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Repairs & Setup
Fix Up Your Guitar

For the last 15 years I’ve set up, repaired and customized guitars of all prices and styles – from cool Les Paul’s to cheap and cheerful first guitars picked up from the charity shop. Whatever your guitar type (acoustic, electric, bass) or style – I’ll make it more playable and deliver a better sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions, Guitar Lessons Bristol

What styles of guitar lessons do you offer?

We offer lessons in various styles, including electric, bass, and acoustic guitar, catering to genres such as rock, blues, jazz, and classical.

Do you offer lessons for complete beginners?

Yes, we provide lessons for all skill levels, from complete beginners to advanced players.

How do I book a guitar lesson?

You can book a lesson through our website, by phone, or by emailing us.

What are the rates for guitar lessons?

Lesson rates vary based on the duration and frequency of the sessions. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

What can I expect to learn in a typical lesson?

Each lesson is tailored to your interests and skill level, covering techniques, theory, and songs you enjoy.

How often should I take lessons?

The frequency of lessons depends on your goals and schedule. We recommend weekly lessons for consistent progress.

What should I bring to my first lesson?

Just bring your guitar and any materials you’ve been working on. We’ll provide everything else you need.

What genres of music can I learn?

You can learn a wide range of genres, including rock, blues, jazz, classical, metal, and more.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are typically 60 minutes long or longer, depending on your preference.

Can I switch between different types of guitar lessons?

Yes, you can switch between electric, bass, and acoustic guitar lessons as your interests evolve.

What qualifications does the instructor have?

David is an experienced guitarist with a Diploma in Performance, having played with numerous touring bands.

Will I learn music theory?

Yes, we incorporate music theory into our lessons to help you become a well-rounded musician.

Can I learn specific songs I like?

Absolutely! We tailor our lessons to include songs you enjoy and want to learn.

Do you offer lessons for children?

Yes, please specify if the lesson is for you (an adult) or for your child.

How do I prepare for my first lesson?

Just bring your enthusiasm and any questions you have. We’ll take care of the rest and get you started on your musical journey!