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The Old Bones Bone Crushers are a high output rock and metal pickup.


They have been designed so that you have fantastic clean tones and string to string definition for when you need it, but dig in and you will hear your clean channel start to break up. On high gain settings you’ll retain string to string balance, allowing you raw and searing high gain metal tones for both rhythm and lead playing.


The Bone Crushers have been made with 44AWG plain enamelle wire, and AlNiCo 8 magnets. This allows the Bone Crushers to have a more mid focused, warmer sound; they have crisp highs and retain warmth in the low end. This combination of characteristics allows the Bone Crushers to be an exceptionally versatile pickup for both rhythm and lead playing alike.


The DC resistances for these pickups is around:

Neck: 17 K-Ohm

Bridge: 19 K-Ohm


These will come with Black pole pieces as standard, but Nickel pole pieces are available at no extra cost if preferred – just send us a message


Yes, Bridge, Neck


White Bobbins, Black Bobbins, Matte Black, Chrome, Gold


Yes, No, Blued


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Bone Crushers Humbucker Pickups
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