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The Old Bones Bone Breakers are a 7 string humbucking pickups. They are designed to give a variety of tones from full heavy rhythm tones to articulate clear lead lines.


These are made with mixed magnets, utilising an AlNiCo 5 in the neck to get a scooped sound in the neck position, and an Ceramic 8 magnet in the bridge position. The ceramic magnet allows for more of the high end to remain in the signal, and makes for a more articulate pickup for lead lines. This combination means that the pickups are be able to open wider tonal range giving a wider scope for creativity and inspiration.


The DC resistances for these is around:


Neck: 19.0 K-Ohms

Bridge: 21.5 K-Ohms


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Bone Breakers 7 String Pickup
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